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There Will Be BloodHow would a person who calls himself an “Oilman” sound like?

It is deep, greasy, reassuring, absolutely sure of itself, and of a true businessman who is curiously fraudulent. No man who sounds this forthright could be someone other than a liar.  Daniel-day-Lewis in his movie “There will be blood” perfectly defines himself in the character of Plainview. The way he speaks, he can bring anyone on his side. When the movie begins, for some time we don’t hear any voices but for the first time when the protagonist begins to speak, he starts with bio of his life and calls himself an “Oilman” which he says is probably only 1 out of 20 persons and we come across a middle-aged figure with a stiff face and a firm mustache speaking  in front of a bunch of people convincing them to give their land to him for drilling.

How would a person who calls himself an “Oilman” look like?

First appearance would be certainly deceiving for people who take Plainview for a businessman. He is field man, a person who started his journey of being an “oilman” searching for silver and ultimately ended up drilling gallons of oil. He has mustache and a light beard, his face is some wrinkles and overall a look of strong, confident, greedy and self-centered man. His voice, his posture, his attitude, and everything that you see and hear will give  you an idea of how ambitious a man could be and at what level he could go.

How would be his life?

“Oilman” is a loner. He has no women in his life but has an adopted child who is only support for any work he does and someone who’s innocence can be useful for his business. But he has immense love for him. For some part he finds his half-brother who for some time remains to be a person who Plainview can confide with in his ambitious endeavors. He makes a living searching for oil moving place to place and has an aim in his life to make the biggest contract of his life with the Union Oil company.

This all makes Daniel Day-Lewis in the character of an “Oilman”, a monster size human being who hates everybody including himself.

Who in the movie is as interesting as “oilman” ?

there-will-be-blood-eli-plainviewOne of the striking features of the movie are the contrasting characters of a preacher name Eli in the village where Plainview wants to begin his most ambitious project. Eli is an evangelical preacher whose only goal is to extract money from Plainview to build his church, the Church of the Third Revelation. Plainview goes along with him until the time comes to dedicate his first well. Each has humiliated the other in public — Plainview slapping Eli for being a fake healer, and Eli returning the blows later as Plainview, who views God as a superstition, agrees to a baptism to gain land. the false Prophet to blackmail the misanthrope in the mansion greed built — all bloody hell breaks loose. The ending is relentless.

Why watch “oilman”?

There Will Be Blood is an achievement in cinematography, acting, writing and film-making.Sound is also crucial, even in its absence, to reflect H.W.’s silent world.  It is a film that puts its focus on wholly unlikable characters and dares to take you in deeper despite this fact. It is a character study of a man who you would not normally want to know and who you will be unable to forget about after it is all said and done. Overall, it is a powerful and emotionally draining experience.