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Very well, this week I was on a spree to check out the movies nominated for Oscars. I was not able to see all of them but managed to accomplish three of them which I would say were fabulous. Django Unchained – A Tarantinoian (that should be the genre of movies directed by Quentin Tarantino),  Lincoln – A political masterpiece with perfect blend of drama with some of the finest actors alive in the present times, Argo – a movie about a fake movie and a wonderfully crafted tale.

Django Unchained

django-unchained-posterWhen the credits of a movie say that it is directed by Quentin Tarantino, enough is already said about it. This man has his own peculiarities. The script of his movie was released by him on his official website even before screening began. What we have for our eyes when movie releases is an array of bold, gory, humorous and exceedingly stylish characters in the times when slavery was prevalent in America wherein a slave named Django is made free by a bounty hunter and they act a drama to free enslaved wife of  Django. Tarantino has a cast assembled that has the chemistry and feel already that you can imagine no one else playing every single role. He has masterfully directed every aspect.

There is something distinctive about Tarantino’s movie which has always fascinated me is the level to which he takes his every scene. It begins at some place with short discussions and then it reaches to a level like each and every scene has a climax like any movie has. In short, his single movie is a bunch of short movies each of which have an out of ordinary climax. Thus, you are treated with a number of movies at the cost of single movie and Django doesn’t disappoint in this respect.

The violence is outsize, epic, enormous, bloody – but not disturbing, and not dehumanizing. There’s a place for violence onscreen, and this is the place, a Quentin Tarantino movie. Just as there was nothing dispiriting about watching Hitler get his in “Inglourious Basterds” – it was about time – the same could be said for the events in “Django Unchained.” And if Tarantino next time wants to give an alter of history for something else he should be provided full support.


lincolnDirected by Steven Spielberg Lincoln is not to be confused with a comprehensive life story of one of the most influential people to ever live on earth. Rather, it focuses on the last four months of Abraham Lincoln which was vital period of his life for which he is known to make a mark in the world history. It was the period when amendment in the constitution was to be made for abolishing slavery. It was matter of 20 Democratic votes which were required to pass the Amendment for which they were bribed and promised lot of opportunities. But it was all for a moral cause. As in the end it is truly pointed out

“The greatest measure of the Nineteenth Century. Passed by corruption, aided and abetted by the purest man in America.”

Movie is a small chronicle which makes it possible to provides in-depth political details of that period and  makes it stand out of other biographical accounts.

The greatest takeaway from Lincoln, of course, is the performances. While Tommy Lee Jones is excellent in this author-backed character of Thaddeus Stevens, Lincoln is all about Daniel Day-Lewis. It is like this man had a time machine and has gone back to Nineteenth century several times to study and research Lincoln himself. He has played the role to such an effect and naturalism that it seems we are watching and hearing Lincoln himself.

The best thing about movies is its script. Dialogues are wordy but effective, replete with humour. Lincoln is shown to be a person who while making his point always begins with a story and make a critical situation lighter and steer the conversation to his way. Overall, Lincoln is perfect, comprehensive and exhaustive account of only four but crucial months in American history.


argo-1In first appearance heard or read about Argo it would look like a typical Hollywood CIA thriller. But no, to prove yourself wrong you need to watch this movie. It is a CIA thriller without any gunfire and based on a true story. Ben Affleck pulls out a wonderful tale of escape of six Americans from Iran. When this people have to be moved out of Iran they are required to cover and hide the fact that they are Americans. For this Ben Affleck in the lead character of CIA agent who is expert in exfiltration comes out with an idea of a fake movie and covering those Americans as a film crew.

Argo in its most of the time is busy in making preparations for this escape. The producer and make up  man and Ben Affleck make it an effort to feel the movie to be real for Iranians. Trainings and tension regarding preparations for escape among the exfils is demonstrated fantastically. Argo, makes a perfect thriller drama in all respects without any out of the world spies, agents, guns or gadgets.