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Travelling can take you places. But, travel books, movies can take you to different world where you are provided with some surreal experiences of the characters which you can live as your own. For instance in this picture a man is trying to catch the running train with all his bags packed. This is the opening sequence of Wes Anderson’s movie The Darjeeling Limited. Sitting at one place day after day, thanks to my job, I am at the mercy of such pictures, movies and books to switch over to some other world. The Darjeeling Limited did a perfect job for me.

Darjeeling_Limited_PosterAt some point when you do not know the way ahead travel is the best remedy. Getting away from your comfort zone and doing something that you have never done before can be the way out of life’s lows. Here, we have three brothers who have not met in a while; each in a crisis, meanwhile are mourning over their father’s death have taken a train “The Darjeeling Limited” which will provide lodging and boarding while they travel in India. On the route a special schedule will be followed everyday and experiences will be enriched by visits to all the holy places.

Movie was really unfathomable for me. But I have interpretations of my own. In one of the instances, when three of them experience death of a child, they are able to overcome the loss of their father. Attending the funeral takes them back to the time when they were to attend the funeral of their father. Three of them realise the loss they have suffered and realise that in order to overcome the stuff bothering them they need to be together and need to support each other. At the end of the movie when the three protagonists throw away the luggage once they have boarded the train, it  signifies how they have left the loss behind and are ready for the new beginnings.

Movie is filled with jargons native to India.  If you look at them it is difficult to understand why they are present. The train itself is something out of filmmaker’s dreams. We still have snake charmer, there are taxi drivers overs-speeding in the city, some obscure medication with magical powers and so on. This chimerical and perplexing image of India is explored with unusual humour.

Wes Anderson has his way of telling stories. Only thing a viewer can do is get lost in the world Wes Anderson has created. Go with the flow. Try to experience the things people on-screen are going through. If you can relate to it, may be you can understand something that cannot be expressed in words. The Darjeeling Limited has unlimited possibilities in store.


– Sumit Chinchane